Quick Update – Biggest News Since the Spice Girls Reunion Tour (depending who you ask)

bdff5585100ce1bfc38d1ca95c899bd3Today I had a PET scan. This is the type of scan that measures the size and activity of a tumor, and the stakes for this one were particularly high. The efficacy of my last few cycles of chemotherapy forecast how successful my stem cell transplant will be. If my most recent chemotherapy worked well, the stem cell transplant is more likely to cure me completely, and the chances of me needing to do “maintenance chemotherapy” is much, much lower. If the last few rounds of chemo didn’t work, and the tumor had stayed the same or grew, it would be fair to say that the finish line isn’t in sight.

I just got a call from my head nurse, saying the scan is great!

This means that the stem cell transplant has a good chance of curing me completely. During those really bad days, it’s going to be really comforting to know that we really are getting somewhere.

I don’t think the best writers in the world would be able to describe the sense of relief this news has brought… so I’m certainly not going to try, but I’m sure you get it.

So it goes.

11 thoughts on “Quick Update – Biggest News Since the Spice Girls Reunion Tour (depending who you ask)

  1. The Pathalogical Optimist strikes again! Well done ANDREW! Well
    done Andrew’s body! Sending you more love and healing thoughts – and prayers too! And so it goes!


  2. Atta boy Andrew! Let’s close this chapter and get on to the next one! In fact throw the book into the fire and start a brand new one! No sequels!


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